Integrity Driven Service

Servent Leadership is Fundamental


You're our why.

Giraffe's first commitment is to bring excellence and opportunity together. We provide the client two methods to achieve this end: project and consultant recruiting methodologies. The companies we serve often mandate critical needs to be filled first. Using the project method, we scour our database, seek out referrals, cold call, list on effective job boards, and network with associate recruiting firms to locate the right candidate for the available career opportunity. The consultancy method provides a more proactive approach to recruiting. We get to know the candidate well in advance of an open position or desired career change. Giraffe develops a deep understanding of the candidate's professional goals and aspirations. When the right fit presents itself, the process is initiated without encumbrance.


It all starts with a client discovery interview.  Tell us what you need.  We'll go get it.

How can we service your needs?  We can't wait to get started.

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